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Find the digital tools that best serve your flooring web-presence!
Website & Shaw Digital Catalog
Within minutes, you will have a professional website featuring your products, great flooring and design-based content, and inspiring images. Our website service features a variety of templates and color schemes, your personalized Shaw Digital Catalog, free editing support, and responsive design built to allow your customers to visit your digital storefront with any device they want! Get more details!

Share It Forward
Share It Forward is an online word-of-mouth program that guarantees transparent, authentic and trustworthy reviews from actual customers. Reviews submitted about our retailers are screened through a strict, third-party moderation process to ensure that no fake reviews are posted. Customers are given the freedom to write lengthy reviews, post pictures or videos and rate their experience on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 stars being the best. There are four categories the retailer is rated on: satisfaction with the salesperson, satisfaction with the product selection, satisfaction with the value received on the purchase and satisfaction with the installation process. Customers also rate the retailer on their overall performance to ensure all aspects of their purchasing experience are adequately reviewed. See our video.

Shaw Digital Catalog
With this add-on tool for 3rd party sites, you will be able to showcase the variety of Shaw products you carry, including Carpet, Hardwood, Laminate, Tile & Stone, and/or Vinyl! We offer a variety of different ways for you to present this information to your customers from Plug-and-Play to a completely custom option through XML.

With our Plug-And-Play option, all you have to do is take our code and have your website developer place it wherever you you’d like. The catalog will automatically update nightly based on your pricing agreement with Shaw to show the products you sell. Whatever names have been assigned to that product will be displayed.

• Using the iFrame option, the piece will look as though it is a part of the page it is placed.
• For the Pop-Up option, the catalog will be linked to appear as a pop-up window when selected.

The XML advanced option is available to those dealers who want a completely custom approach to their catalog. Your developer will be able to download an XML file manually or through a web service call, and then utilize this code to reference our imagery and specification information into your custom built catalog. This feed is updated nightly by Shaw, but your developer is responsible to update your website's custom catalog with the most up-to-date version of the XML file on the account.

SEO: 100 Plus or 150 Plus Keywords
The 100 Plus and 150 Plus Keyword packages optimize keywords to improve the volume and quality of traffic from search engines. This add-on is only available for Shaw Web Studio Websites

The SEO Keyword Money Back Guarantee: The Web Studio SEO program not only commits to improving your ranking in search engine organic results, we guarantee the results! If your website does not deliver our promised SEO results, you get your money back for the selected Keywords package!